September 13, 2009

Wishing you........

GOOD MORNING! I love Sunday mornings. Everything just always seems to be so peaceful. Most Sunday mornings (September - May) my sister and I go online and chat! She lives 3000 miles away from me so the internet makes it so much easier for us to chat and share creative ideas! (morning Sis - I know you're up and wanting to talk!!)
The above card was made with patterned paper, lime green cardstock (my fav color), some ribbon, flowers, My Sentiments Exactly stamp, bling and stickles! I filled in the flowers on the patterned paper with silver stickles rather than bling (which I used on the fabric flowers).
TIP: When using stickles if you give the underside of the paper a couple flicks with your thumb/index finger the "points" left by the stickles will settle down and looks more even and a lot nicer!

Another reason I love Sundays is the traditional Sunday Dinner! A big meal to end the weekend/start the week, with a yummy dessert is always looked forward to! I think today I'll make a lemon meringue pie - YUM - to go along with my pot roast!

Enjoy your day!

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