October 27, 2009

Scrap Room

It's 3:30am. I can't sleep so thought I'd share some pics of my scrap room.

First up, this pic shows my cardstock storage, flower/paper kit rack and my stereo/cd's! This view is from the end of my long table.

Next up, is my Cricut/Cuttlebug workstation, with some stamps stored underneath.

Next - some tools! I used an old hanging shoe rack to hold my large punches. Hope hubby secured the slat wall really well cause these punches are HEAVY! It only holds my large punches. My small/medium punches are stored in a drawer. Come to think of it, I should probably try to get them out of the drawer and "into view" so i start using them again. Out of sight, out of mind!

Next - an old sunglasses case (left over from my store) became a great storage unit for my embossing supplies, as well as some glitter and flock. I love that this case also has an attached cover!

Next - FLOWERS!!
Next - more flowers!
Next - my tv, computer, embellishment containers, patterned paper storage (top), templates, quotes binder, chipboard albums (out of view), card supplies, empty albums (bottom, out of view). First shelf on bookcase contains all of my "fun stuff" for my teenage daughter's albums. Large chipboard hangs on the wall to the right (in front of the bookcase).

Next - view of my work table. Sorry the pic is a little dark.
Next - The first pic (above) showed my cardstock racks. It was taken without the other racks in the middle of the room. This pic now shows the room with the two racks in it. The first one holds all my ribbons and alpha (big, small, stickers, chipboard, thickers, etc). The second rack hold some of my stickers, rub ons, etc. I don't have enough room for all of those so many are in boxes (labeled by theme) and stored in my closet.

Now if only I can keep my room this tidy all the time.......not likely! LOL


  1. Sophia,
    Officially green with envy!!! OMG!! Is this what I can look forward to when one of my children leaves home and I have an empty room?? Where did you start back to work? Hope to run into you soon!! We should get together soon!!
    Shannon B

  2. I love your craft room. Can I come and play?? LOL.. I have one too, but not so organized. I try, but I don't have enough room.. LOVE YOURS.

  3. And I thought my room was nice until I saw yours! Absolutely love that Cricut / Cuttlebug work station. I definitely wish I was closer to come and play :(